California Pastor Accused of Plotting Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Murder

( – Sometimes parents have an issue with the person their child has decided to date. It’s part of life. A California pastor is accused of taking his hatred for his daughter’s boyfriend to a criminal level.

On March 19, the Riverside Police released a statement announcing the arrest of 47-year-old Samuel Pasillas from Victorville. According to officers, a man arrived at a hospital with gunshot wounds on October 21, 2023. The victim, who was not identified, said he was driving down the road when another vehicle pulled up next to him. Gunfire erupted from the other car and several bullets struck him. The victim drove himself to the hospital, where doctors treated him for his injuries.

According to officers, detectives who were investigating the shooting uncovered a murder-for-hire plot five months later. They learned that Pasillas, a local pastor, met with 55-year-old Juan Manuel Cebreros and other men, though it isn’t specified how many, and gave them information about the victim who was dating his daughter.

Pasillas is accused of paying the men nearly $40,000. The hitmen reportedly conducted surveillance on the victim for weeks leading up to the shooting.

Law enforcement searched homes in Lynwood, Victorville, and Long Beach. Pasillas is charged with attempted mirder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation for murder, and assult with a deadly weapon. His alleged hitman, Cebreros, is charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit murder. Both men are being held on $1 million bail. Police are reportedly looking for other suspects, though no information is known about them.

The men appeared together at a joint arraignment and both entered not guilty pleas. Not a lot of information is known about the incident, but reports indicate Pasillas didn’t approve of the victim dating his daughter, though it’s unclear what the problem was.

The church where the suspect was a pastor is in Victorville. The lead pastor, Rafael Porras, said Pasillas wasn’t a pastor, but instead was a volunteer. He had no comment about the arrest.

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