Trump Targets Jimmy Kimmel

( – Jimmy Kimmel is the host of a late-night talk show. He’s also a comedian who has hosted the Academy Awards multiple times, including this year. Former President Donald Trump targeted Kimmel after he made a joke at the awards show about him.

On March 10, Kimmel hosted the 96th annual Academy Awards (the Oscars). Before the ceremony, Trump posted a message on TRUTH Social asking if there’d “ever been a worse host than” the late-night host. The former president said Kimmel’s opening monologue was less than average and he was trying too hard.

Kimmel responded to Trump by reading his criticism during the show and saying that he was “surprised” the former president was still awake. He asked him, “isn’t it past your jail time?” a reference to the nearly 90 state and federal felony charges filed against him.

On March 17, Trump appeared on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz,” and the host asked him about his feud with Kimmel. The former president said the late-night host constantly attacks him because “his ratings are terrible.” The Republican went on to say he was surprised Kimmel read his criticism during the Oscars, saying he’d been told not to do it (Kimmel confirmed that was true).

Trump said the “big story” is that Kimmel was “even dumber” than he thought. He explained that now his post has gone viral, and all the television host “had to do is keep his mouth shut.”

The feud between Trump and Kimmel dates back years. They’ve repeatedly criticized one another. In 2017, when the former president’s administration was trying to kill the Affordable Care Act, which provides healthcare to millions of Americans and requires companies to cover preexisting conditions, Kimmel gave a tearful monologue about how important the law was to help people like his son who was born with a rare heart defect.

According to reports, Trump allegedly told his staff to speak to Disney, Kimmel’s employer, in 2018 about the late-night host’s jokes about him. Two Trump staffers confirmed to Rolling Stone that two calls were made to the company about Kimmel.

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