Olivia Munn Shocked Fans with Breast Cancer Announcement

(ReliableNews.org) – Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, actress Olivia Munn grew up in Japan before moving back to the States and pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. Like many young thespians, she started by taking on small roles before getting her first big spot in the TV Series “Beyond the Break.” The actress is most recognized for portraying characters in “The Newsroom” and “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Recently, she made the news for a more personal reason.

On March 13, Munn posted a picture of herself in a hospital bed on Instagram with a message telling her followers that she was “diagnosed with breast cancer.” The reason the actress decided to go public with her fight was to let other women on the same journey know they aren’t alone and to encourage others to get checked. The 43-year-old has reportedly been fighting the disease for nearly a year and has had four surgeries in that time.

Munn said she’s spent a lot of days in bed throughout her challenging journey, stating she’s “only cried twice” throughout her ordeal. She wanted to “stay clearheaded” and focused on her goal of getting well. The actress explained that she had a normal mammogram and previously took genetic tests that cleared her of a wide array of cancer genes.

Still, months after her clear mammogram, she got the devastating news from her doctor. Normally, the cancer would’ve gone undetected until her next mammogram a year later, but her doctor decided to do a risk assessment. The OB/GYN put the score at 37%, based on her history, prompting Munn to go through more testing. The more intensive screening showed she indeed had an “aggressive, fast-moving cancer” — in both breasts. She opted for a double mastectomy soon after.

Munn credits her doctor for saving her life. The actress said she considers herself “lucky” to have caught the disease early so she had more options for treatment.

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